Country town.
community driven.


Come & see the brilliant STREET ART around Tongala. Tongala has a fantastic community spirit, with local artists donating their time & talent to brighten the small farming community. Located only 27klms from Echuca, it’s worth the trip to come and enjoy looking at the array of artwork throughout the township. Tongala Street Art compliments the Silo Art Trail, and has over 40 murals throughout the town

Visit Tongala

The small country town

with huge Community Spirit,

fantastic Murals & Street Art


The array of Murals and Street Art throughout Tongala will help you understand the history & culture of this little farming community established in the mid 1800’s. Much of the artwork tells of times gone by from the early settlers and portrays how Tongala looked in a bygone era.
Tongala is known as ‘the friendly town’, where you’ll experience good wholesome food and country atmosphere at its best.

There’s so much to look at in Tongala

Enjoy a wander around our Community.

The Street Art & Murals give loads of photo opportunities.


More modern Street Art also lies throughout the town along with artwork that has illusions for you to find. There are many photo opportunities such as the ‘Angels Wings’ alongside the Tongala Street Art home base. Come along to enjoy the art and help support a small rural community that loves to have visitors lining their streets. 

There’s a GREAT country PUB

Enjoy a meal or beverage at our only hotel in town!
The food’s great, beer’s cold & a great yarn to be had.


Come for the day! Tongala has that old country town feel that will leave you relaxed and happy. Friendly locals welcome you, with an old country Pub, Bakery and Supermarket your options for lunch and/or dinner are always open. Tongala – the friendly town with always a yarn or tale to be had. Visit Tongala and see why the locals love it so much.

Our History

Tongala Street Art & Murals will tell a story of our area, it’s people and country lifestyle. 


Tongala has many walls, covered in Murals & Street Art with some telling different stories about a time long forgotten.
There is only one main street in Tongala beginning with a beautiful War Memorial & not far away, the Avenue of Honour.
Throughout the main street you will find the majority of the Street Art. It’s worth the trip, come & visit. We’d love to see you.

Where to find us

Come & visit. We’d love to see you.


It’s just beautiful here. With the bush and Mighty Murray River not far away and located only 20 minutes from Echuca, Tonny (as the locals call it) is only a short trip, and so worth the time. Come & visit. We’d love to see you.